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Versión inglés del blog de Bosco Soler

I know what you're thinking. You came to my blog expecting to read some awesome content only to realize it is all written in a beautiful but incomprehensible language! "Damn you Bosco! Why?!". Well, that's because I'm a españolito cabrón my friend! And I don't have time nor patience to translate everything I write to English. But don't panic, I've created this lovely page for you and I will be updating it regularly so you can keep stalking me.

In case you don't know me, I could tell you that my name is Bosco, that I'm 28, or that I'm from Valencia, but with that you'd only know a superficial part of me. Throughout the years I have lived and traveled to different countries connecting with people of other ages, places and languages in a level that have nothing to do with these tags. Maybe reading a blog is the sincerest form of meeting someone on Internet. Is not what we are but what we do, what defines us.

So what do I do? I learn. I finished my traditional education by graduating as an architect, and then I traveled around Asia and Oceania for 9 months to learn from the people I met, the books I read and the mistakes I made. The blog aims to be a reflection of my experiences and thoughts along the way.

Even if you don't understand Spanish (sacrilege!) you can still follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ (I post in both languages) and check my pics on Instagram. Also feel free to contact me filling this form if social networking is not your thing 😉

Ah! And by the way... learn Spanish!